The S2
Cognition Assessment

Leveraging years of scientific research to give you an invisible edge

What is Cognition?

Every athlete has certain measurables that help coaches evaluate players and develop strategies to improve individual and team performance. Things like speed, agility, burst, and strength each have a vast range of tests that can put numbers to an athlete’s physical gifts.

But what about instincts? Adaptability? Decision-making? These are the types of intangibles that coaches and scouts have discussed for years as the factors that separate elite athletes from everyone else.

The Assessment

The S2 Cognition Assessment is, at its core, a collection of computer-based tests that have been specifically designed to measure the brain processes that are involved in an athlete’s ability to make split-second decisions. These tests leverage years of research and experience studying the brain, using scientifically-proven and statistically-valid methods for quantifying cognitive abilities critical at every level of athletic performance.

How it Works:

The entire S2 Cognition assessment process, from test to an individualized report, can be conducted on-site in just 30-45 minutes.

1. Assess

The athlete undergoes a series of tests conducted via computer over the course of 30-45 minutes.

2. Receive Report

The athlete receives a breakdown of his or her abilities and a guide on how to interpret the assessment results.

3. Enhance Your Game

The athlete gains invaluable insights that could help them to achieve their maximum potential

What Can Athletes Do With Their Results?

S2 test results are instant, giving athletes a comprehensive look at their own cognitive abilities. These results represent a snapshot of an athlete’s cognitive abilities at the moment they took the test. In some cases, S2 provides training and drill principles for athletes to enhance their skills. Armed with this knowledge, athletes can actively work to correct and compensate for their weaknesses while also reinforcing their strengths.

The Report

Each report provides the player with a personalized profile consisting of a breakdown of their unique cognitive skills and a comparison of how their abilities stack up to those of their peers.

The cognitive performance categories featured in the report are designed specifically for that sport. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach because the cognitive skills needed by a free safety are very different from those of a hitter or golfer.

S2 Assessment

Areas of Assessment

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