How elite golfers visualize every shot.

Why do some golfers instinctively understand how the lie of a ball impacts speed and trajectory?

Why do some golfers thrive under the pressure of a big putt, while others continually fold?

How do some golfers visualize a shot shape and successfully execute it?

These are the kinds of questions the S2 Cognition Assessment was designed to answer. Questions that coaches and player development specialists have discussed with each other for years; the “intangibles” that separate the great ones from the rest.

Regardless of skill level — youth, college, or professional — the S2 Cognition assessment provides golfers with:

  1. An understanding of the cognitive processes that impact a golfer’s pre-shot decisions and in-swing execution
  2. A baseline cognitive profile to optimize performance on the course
  3. Awareness of how their cognition compares to peers and players at the next level

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