Gridiron greatness starts with instinct.

Why do some players play faster than their foot speed, while others frequently hesitate?

Why do some players have the ability to see the entire field, while others show limited field vision?

Why do some players notice tendencies, jump routes and adapt mid-game, while others struggle to make these adjustments?

These are the kinds of questions the S2 Cognition Assessment was designed to answer. Questions that scouts and coaches have discussed with each other for years; the “intangibles” that separate the great ones from everyone else.

Regardless of skill level — youth, college, or professional — the S2 Cognition assessment provides football players with:

  1. An understanding of the cognitive processes that impact split-second decisions before and after the snap
  2. A baseline cognitive profile to optimize drill work and enhance in-game performance
  3. Awareness of how their cognition compares to peers and players at the next level

Find your invisible edge.

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